Mirotec for preventing and treating injuries and particularly useful for warming muscles before riding, training or competition. Ideally suited as a treatment to speed recovery from injury and prevent deterioration of muscles and ligaments

MIRoTEC Treatment Rug

Mirotec reflects infra-red radiation and by reflecting heat boosts blood circulation whilst allowing water vapour and moisture to pass through the laminate. The effects of reflecting back body heat are to increase tissue temperature, cause blood vessel dilation and increase the local circulation which aids the delivery of needed tissue nutrients and the removal of tissue waste products and toxins.

The Treatment Rug is to be used as directed and purely as a treatment rug before and/or after working your horse, suggested treatment time 30-60 minutes. Due to the working ability of this rug, monitoring the use of rug is recommended for longer periods of time.

MIRoTEC Leg & Hock Wraps

Our leg and hock wraps provide direct therapeutic warmth to help relieve and heal injured muscles, joints and tendons. They can also be used pre-competition to allow the joints to warm up ready for competition. Can be used overnight after a hard days work or before competition.

MIRoTEC Tec Rug/Neck Rug 

The TecRug can be worn overnight and throughout the day [depending on temperature] for general health and well being. Ideally suited as a day rug. It can also be used to assist in rehabilitation and healing, helping to aid the repair of soft tissue injuries, reducing inflammation and for pain relief. Light weight and made from Rip-stop Cotton the TecRug is ideal for competition horses and ponies, left on overnight or worn prior to competition it provides a warming up of your equines body before your horse exerts itself in any manner whatsoever. 


The shoulders of the performance horse can become stiff, sore and tight, our bib makes it easy to provide your horse or pony with relief, gently soothing away the tightness. Use the bib before you ride and after a hard day of competition. The exceptional heat reflective properties of the Mirotec range are designed to keep your equine performing their best. Can also be used for exceptional extra warmth with very little weight added to your horse.

MIRoTEC Snug Rug

The self-regulating Mirotec Snug Rug is equivalent to three ordinary blankets (for warmth only) but the Snug Rug exceptional heat reflective properties encourage natural oils to be produced – promoting the horse’s coat in record time – dramatically reducing preparation time for shows.

MIRoTEC Snug Neck Rug

The self-regulating Mirotec Snug Neck Rug is perfect to combine with our Snug Rug to provide comfort and warmth to your horse or pony.

MIRoTEC Neck Wrap

Does your horse or pony suffer from stiff, tight neck muscles? With our therapeutic neck rug your horse will appreciate the gentle, soothing effect after a day of riding or can be used before your ride with noticeable results. The exceptional heat reflective properties of the Mirotec range are designed to keep your equine performing their best. Use the Mirotec Neck Rug with the Treatment Rug for an all over body therapy session.