Mirotec DogRug, wraps and pads – specially designed using ‘space blanket’ technology for racing, working and domestic dogs.

Used extensively by breeders, trainers, show owners to promote optimum good health & well-being
Warm and waterproof for all conditions
Ideal for back and wrist injuries
Very effective treatment for older dogs with arthritis or thinning coats
Maintains body temperature, avoiding pain and stiffness after exercise
Aids warming-up before exercise to improve mobility and reduce joint and muscle pain
Speeds recovery from whelping, illness, injury and surgery


Why does my dog need a coat?

In this age of central heating, dogs with smooth or minimal hair do feel the cold when they go out for walks from a warm house as do dogs with silky hair i.e. Yorkshire Terriers, whose fine coats offer no real protection from the elements. During the wet days, this problem is compounded as the dampness penetrates into the bones.

Ageing dogs particularly need a coat as they are more prone to having kidney problems and the coats are designed to protect this very vulnerable area. Dogs that live in an outside kennel or dogs that have needed to be clipped off or very short for medical reasons should also be protected.

In addition, the majority of dogs just appreciate the extra warmth and snug protection a DogRug provides, regardless of hair length.


Greyhound Rugs

Time usage can vary per greyhound. Some dogs appear more relaxed when wearing the rug. It is advisable to muzzle your dog when using a rug. During inclement whether it is possible to use the rug overnight. Some trainers use Mirotec products for a few hours a day, others prefer overnight use.

Dog Owners
Want the very best for your dog?
Mirotec DogRugs will ensure you have a friend for life. Pamper your canine companion and you’ll also be giving them a way to stay fitter and avoid injury.

DogRugs use Mirotec’s ‘space blanket’ technology for heat reflective treatment that promotes physical performance and provides effective prevention and treatment of injuries.

Keeps the warmth in and the cold out
Very effective treatment for older dogs with arthritis or thinning coats
Maintains body temperature, avoiding pain and stiffness after exercise
Aids warming-up before exercise
Ideal for back, hip and joint injuries
Speeds recovery from the whelping, illness, injury and surgery.
Used extensively by breeders to promote good health and well-being

Dog Breeders
Fit and healthy dogs for breeding.

Whether you’re breeding for the pet market or breeding show dogs our range of rugs, pads and wraps can help promote the fitness, health and well being of your bitches and puppies.

Whelping pads work with heat lamps for greater warmth and efficiency – keeping bitch and puppies warm and healthy!

No electricity, microwaves or hot water – just safe and efficient reflected body heat
Return your breeding bitch to top condition using the Mirotec Dog Rug. Their exceptional heat reflective properties retains energy, promotes circulation and reduces swelling and fluid retention.

How to measure your dog?

To measure for a coat it is necessary to have the dog standing properly. Take an exact measurement in centimetres from where the collar sits naturally on the back of the neck, down to the base of the tail. Please do NOT add any additional inches to the required length of these coats for good measure or they will not fit when you receive them! The girth of the coat is directly proportional to the length.

With certain breeds where the length and girth are disproportional, we can offer tailor made coats to order but we will still require the dog to be measured along its back, with an additional measurement from the centre of the back down to below its belly at the widest point.

Please Note:
All our sizes are in 5cm to 10cm increments only

Tried and tested and used extensively in Greyhound Racing in Australia.

Winning performance and prevention of injury can be a reality with Mirotec’s unique range of Greyhound Rugs and wraps!

Use Mirotec’s ‘space blanket’ technology for heat reflective treatment that will promote physical performance and provide effective prevention and treatment of injuries:
An ideal treatment for back, hock and wrist injuries
Improves early speed and reduces cramps
Speeds recovery from the pain of Acidosis
Maintains body temperature reducing muscular stiffness typical of muscle cooling
Effective for use during transportation to and from tracks
Helps keep older arthritic Greyhounds more comfortable and racing for longer
Cut down the number of track injuries

Trials conducted by veterinarians with these Mirotec rugs have shown that, for racing greyhounds, body temperature will be maintained at a constant comfortable level, even in cold windy conditions. This ability of the Mirotec DogRug to preserve body heat was shown to be quite outstanding, far surpassing the results capable with the old hessian, blanket, or nylon / woolen rug.

Dr Jim Gannon
Veterinary Consultant, Victoria
World Renowned Greyhound Specialist

You will be able to buy Mirotec Dog products online shortly, in the meantime please contact us direct for purchasing.